Organic Sea Bird Guano

100% naturally sourced, dried and prepared sea bird guano contains shells, sea water minerals, seaweed, fish, feathers and nest material. It is widely recognised as the finest naturally sourced and balanced plant fertilizer available.

It contains the highest available naturally occurring N P & K content, together with optimum absorption levels and a balance of macro and micro nutrients to promote the growth of healthier and higher yielding plants.

Being 100% natural, guano demonstrates an 8 to 10x higher effective nitrogen absorption rate to plants than other nitrogen sources. 30% available immediately and then balanced slow release over the growing season.

Aside from being an exceptional fertilizer across a broad range of crops and conditions, other qualities include as a soil builder, fungicide, foliar feed, nematicide and compost activator.

Fully organically certified and approved by Ecocert SA

  • Approved for use in NOP organic production
  • Suitable for use in organic farming (EC) No.834/2007 and 889/208 regulations

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