Ethical Fruit Farm

Our growers network

By developing direct relationships with growers around the globe over the past twenty years the company has built a network that is second to none.

There has always been a clear policy right from the very beginning that we buy directly from the local producer or exporter rather than from agents. This means that we maintain contact with the growers at all times and can advise and encourage them to develop produce that the UK consumer is demanding.

We work with growers from around the world in all aspects of development and agronomy through to bringing the product to market.

More recently we have started a UK based farming operation called Organic Green Orchards to both grow our own organic fruits and work closely with other growers to help them with all aspects of agronomy and marketing.

O.G.O and the organic orchards in Herefordshire are the first fruit orchards to attain the S.A. Ethical Standards.

Ethical Fruit Farm

Growers Network

We work with growers from around the world.