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Organic Farm Foods shortlisted

(UEBT) The Union for Ethical Bio Trade shortlisted Organic Farm Foods in the top 7 worldwide companies for the leadership award for Ethical Trade & Biodiversity.

To celebrate the United Nations 2010 International Year of Biodiversity, the Union for Ethical BioTrade and Food Ingredients Europe launched the first Biodiversity Awards.

The awards, the first of their kind, aim to recognize the efforts of companies that promote the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) throughout their supply chain.

The CBD objectives are: biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of biodiversity, and benefits sharing. The awards are divided into two categories: leadership, and innovation.

From all the numerous submissions received from across the world for the leadership category, the following companies were shortlisted:

  • Coop, Switzerland
  • Lotus Foods, USA
  • Marks and Spencer, UK
  • Organic Farm Foods, UK
  • Riet Vell, Spain
  • Woolworths, South Africa

In a notification issued to Organic Farm Foods Ltd by Rik Kutsch Lojenga, Executive Director of the Union for Ethical Biotrade:

“The panel of independent judges, which commended the submissions received, reviewed all the applications. The level of the applications lead them to conclude that with the International Year of Biodiversity, the turning point for business involvement and biodiversity appears to have been reached, with biodiversity becoming a consideration for both companies and consumers alike. The quality and strong biodiversity credentials of your application lead it to be short-listed by the jury. Considering the strong alignment of your organization’s ethical sourcing practices with UEBT’s objectives, we would like to invite Organic Farm Foods for membership of UEBT.”

Rik Kutsch Lojenga,
Executive Director UEBT

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