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Organic Trade Board: March 2013

The “Organic Naturally Different” Campaign has just received a major award for Best Advertising Led Campaign in the "Best Awards" organised by the Marketing Agencies Association (MAA).

Awarded to the campaign that best utilises any paid-for media, be it TV, radio or press advertising, as the major communication channel, the judges were looking for creative use of media and outstanding results as well as clarity of message and strong calls to action.The campaign was recognized as having

“managed very clearly to give a differentiation between organic and non-organic foods, to make it pretty simple for people to understand and it has been created with some real humour. The ads were a conversation between organic and non-organic produce and managed to create new advocates for organic which was at risk of being dismissed as a food fad.”

We are thrilled with this accolade and are looking forward to continuing our work driving sales and raising awareness of the benefits of organic to consumers with the Haygarth team.


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