Organic Farm Foods

The Ethical Company Organisation / Third Party Accreditation

Organic Farm Foods Ltd have attained the top score (100%) from The Ethical Company Organisation who run the Ethical Accreditation Scheme.

This independently certifies that the Company has scored highly in an overall analysis of its Corporate Social Responsibility record.

The certification process involves the analysis on up to 15 specific criteria under the 3 general headings of Environment, Animals and People. There is a search within several thousand documents from NGO’S, Campaign Groups and Court Reports for any negative actions or comments (Ethical Accreditation screening includes the applicant company and its ultimate holding company). The research is repeated every 12 months to ensure that the Ethical Accreditation awards remain up to date.

The company’s successful Ethical Accreditation earns an Ethical Award for the top score & for scoring highest overall compared to the other Companies in the produce sector.

A growing list of ethical companies are joining the scheme to demonstrate the authenticity of their overall Corporate Social Responsibility to consumers, employees, trade partners and share holders.

Accredited companies are listed in The Good Shopping Guide.


Ethical Company Organisation Summary Report 2010

Ethical Company Organisation Certificate 2010