Food waste

Here are two ways in which we actively utilise the waste from our organic apple farm in Gloucestershire:

Proud to support wastED with our organic English apples

Organic Farm Foods

Pack your bags - wastED is crossing the pond From February 25 through April 2, 2017, wastED London will be taking over Selfridges London iconic rooftop. Drawing inspiration from the UK’s already-vibrant food waste movement, the pop-up will showcase ingredients-in-the-rough from local producers and purveyors across the food industry, and even riff on a few British classics (bubble and squeak, anyone?).

No wastED experience is complete without ingenious guests behind the stove. Chefs from throughout the UK and Europe will be joining the team to provide daily menu specials. The cheeky Iain Griffiths of Mr. Lyan will be reimagining traditional cocktails through the wastED lens. And Henrietta Lovell of Rare Tea Company will be partnering with a handful of London’s pastry luminaries to offer their own no-so-customary spins on Afternoon Tea.

Yeo Valley Leftovers organic yoghurt – Apple & Custard

Organic Farm Foods

Here at Yeo Valley we want to turn the tables on waste in society and Left-Yeovers is one of our responses to this growing problem.

Our previous editions Strawberry & Fig, Plum & Custard, and most recently Banoffee, went down a treat, so we’re really pleased to present our latest offering: Apple & Custard.

With this flavour, we are helping to reduce waste at our friend Adam Wakeley’s farm in Gloucestershire. He’s sent us the apples that weren’t suitable for the supermarket shelf - we don’t mind a bit of wonky fruit! We love Adam’s apples, fresh and fabulous with a sweet custard twist mixed with our wonderfully creamy yoghurt, and we think you will too!

A very tasty pot and, once again, for every pot sold we will donate 10p to our friends at FareShare!

The only downside is that there is limited supply - once they’re gone, they’re gone, so keep a look out in your local Tesco for the most heroic member of the Yeo Valley family!