Organic Farm Foods

Research and quality

It is safe to say that we have always been at the forefront of organic research - for example, leading development work in different crop varieties and researching ideal growing locations.

Certification & Traceability

All our growers work to a code of practice which is verified by our own auditors on a regular basis ensuring growers are fully compliant with all necessary industry codes of practice and legislation. Guidance and support is given at all stages.

Before any produce is delivered at any of our sites, full organic certification of each step of growing, handling and any pregrading must have been received otherwise the produce cannot be approved for packing. Our in-house IT system ensures full traceability and control of an exceptional standard - a system unrivalled in the fresh produce arena.


Composting is one very significant area that we have developed dramatically. Soil health is vital for organic growing where no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides can be used. In order to retain and increase soil fertility it is important that a good compost is applied along with sound rotations.

All our packing facilities have been awarded full organic certification by the Soil Association and are BRC Higher Level certified.

Pure, natural food full of traditional flavour and all produced without synthetic pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers.

Organic Farm Foods

Compost not only puts nutrients back into the soil but also improves soil structure, disease suppression and increases pest tolerance.

Growers' packaging

We have invested heavily developing packaging materials which are capable of maintaining the eating quality of fruit. This not only extends the life of fruit in transit to our site but also widens the period of availability. We are proud to lead the way with this technology ahead of any of our competitors.